Home office with the lamps Lungo L and Nastrino

LUNGO L and the NASTRINO table lamp provides excellent working light.



When working from home, a quiet working zone with good lighting is more essential for your productivity than ever before. BYOK has several good options to help you achieve a functional and elegant home-office.


A Home Office illuminated by Nastrino Pico and Canale

Flexible table lamps, like NASTRINO and SQUADRINA give excellent direct working light. Combined with floor lamps like CAMPO, LUNGO, ROTONDA, GRADO or a pendant light hanging from the ceiling, like LINEA or CANALE, you can illuminate the whole room with pleasant lighting that helps you focus and concentrate. 

Many of our lamps are available in various colours, finishes, sizes, and optional smart upgrades like daylight and motion sensors. The clean, minimalistic designs are made to fit perfectly in any interior.

Two home-office images with byok lamps Campo, Linea and Squadrina
ROTONDA floor lamp and NASTRINO PICO table lamp in a bright home office.

ROTONDA, a discreet floor lamp that provides a soft uplight to brighten the room, as well as a great downlight for your working space. The NASTRINO PICO table lamp is ideal for desk work, generating excellent reading and working light.


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