Illumination artist with character

The floor lamp Rotonda impresses with its extraordinary symbiosis of technical finesse and industrial charm.

As a fully-fledged workplace luminaire, it features state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, including daylight and presence sensors, and is uncomplicated in positioning and table configuration.

Its discreet overall appearance experiences character depth through the rounded cross base and flat, disc-shaped head, which face each other like two balancing poles. Your head has an uplight and a downlight.

A slim but grounded Illuminations artist with many faces: In addition to different color variations, the Rotonda can be coated or anodized executed.

Perfect to integrate into any environment, it is also a design object with great autonomy.

Application area: Arbeiten
Light output: max. 4000lm Downlight, 8000lm Uplight
Color of light: 3000°K (optional 4000°K or tuneable white 2700-6500°K)
Control: Dimmable via push button
Material: Aluminum, powdercoated.
Yellow, RAL 1017fs
Red, RAL 3030fs
Blue, RAL 5017fs
Green, RAL 6024fs
Grey, RAL 7012fs
Black, RAL 9005fs
Silver, RAL 9006fs
White, RAL 9016fs