Piani Castello

Homage to light.

The Piani series is made of 8 mm plates of solid aluminium, which are milled to shape and then polished by hand until the room is reflected in the surface. No other lamp has such top quality radiance, combined with an unsurpassed filigree effect. Held by the silver-plated copper braid carrying the power supply, it hovers over homogeneously illuminated tables like a shining jewel. With reverse phase dimmer. Numerous shapes and formats cover all possible uses. From old buildings to the post-modern, from the kitchen to the conference room.

For all those who are not yet satisfied - Castello, the coronation of the product family. In technology and application. A freely selectable arrangement of three Piani Rondo makes a room-filling chandelier from 3 * 8 millimeters - naturally modern interpreted, exciting and unexpected. Each individual ring can be controlled and dimmed. Each level can be Uplight or Downlight. It is up to you to define this festival of light and to rediscover it every day. Enthusiastic customers are compliment enough. The international interest in this luminaire proves the unique feature in the market. Bold design and perfect craftsmanship will make the piani a classic of tomorrow.