Piani Rondo

The round table.

The basic geometric forms Rondo and Quadro are available as uplight or downlight. And the ceiling floodlight function does not necessarily have to be depicted by the lamp: self-illuminating canopies bathe the ceiling in sweeping light. The whole Piani series is made of 8 mm plates of solid aluminium, which are milled to shape and then polished by hand until the room is reflected in the surface. No other lamp has such top quality radiance, combined with an unsurpassed filigree effect. Held by the silver-plated copper braid carrying the power supply, it hovers over homogeneously illuminated tables like a shining jewel. With reverse phase dimmer. Numerous shapes and formats cover all possible uses. From old buildings to the post-modern, from the kitchen to the conference room.

Piani Rondo is available in diameters of 28, 48, 68, 98cm.

Application area: Living, Working
Light output, color of light:
PIANI RONDO 28: max. 1850lm, 2700°K
PIANI RONDO 48: max. 2450lm, 2100-2700°K
PIANI RONDO 68: max. 3060lm, 2100-2700°K
PIANI RONDO 98: max. 4900lm, 2100-2700°K

PIANI RONDO 28:Dimmable, phase cut
PIANI RONDO 48, 68 98: Dimmable (Dim2Warm) via gesture control

Aluminum matt anodized;
Aluminum high-gloss polished;
Aluminum black matt anodized;
Aluminum light bronze anodized

Die Piani Lungo erhielt eine Nominierung für den Bundesdesignpreis. Doch eigentlich sind all die Komplimente begeisterter Kunden genug. Das internationale Interesse beweist das Alleinstellungsmerkmal im Markt. Mutiges Design und perfektes Handwerk werden die Piani zum Klassiker von morgen machen.