PIANI CORONA, diameter 150cm, Rittergut Störmede

Almost anything is possible.

Your lighting wish is our challenge, as every project deserves its own solution!

BYOK GmbH offers an in-house production range that includes - 3 CNC vacuum spindle moulders - high-speed saws - assembly lines - three-stage QA (6-eyes principle) - storage / logistics together with an external production range that encompasses anodising, powder coating, electroplating, polishing, lasered/bent/edged parts and electronic assembly, altogether putting the company in a position to fulfil practically every lighting wish.

At BYOK, both the design and production of special lamps, and light planning for small and large projects, are in expert hands.

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White pendant lamps with asymmetrical light output
Uplight pendant lamps
PIANI CORONA Uplight, diameter 150cm
PIANI MONO, length 11m


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